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released December 10, 2016

Music & lyrics by LEHAVOTH
Recorded, produced and mixed @ Heavy Studios by Tal Harouvi, Roi Ben Shmuel and David Benjamini
Mastered @ Mammoth Sound Mastering by Dan Randall
Electronics & samples by Oz Michaeli
Lead guitars by David Benjamini
Bass by Assaf Perelmuter

Cover artwork concept by LEHAVOTH
Cover artwork modified & painted on canvas by Lee Lavy
Logo & booklet design by Yossi Darmon

Special thanks to those who helped with the making of "Grinder": Assaf Perelmuter, Oz Michaeli, Amir Bracha, Hezi Fel of Dim Aura, Tal Harouvi, Roi Ben Shmuel and David Benjamini of Heavy Studios, Lee Lavy of Shredhead, Yossi Darmon of Strangeways, Batz & the crew of Hayehudonim, Yishai Sweartz of Raven Music, Haim Benjamini, Tom Davidov, Dror Hollander, Nativ Kedem, Ran Aviv.



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Track Name: Grinder
Grinder is ancient, an engine of pain
Eternally dripping with honey and stings
Grinder is ancient, an engine of pain

Hater of man
Eyes of the sun
Weaving lies
To ride the storm

Feed me matrix
Liberty and lies

Grinder controls the cycle of storms
Grinder controls the coming of war
Track Name: Monumental
To control we build monuments
Our modern cathedrals
Our flags dripping with raw powers unseen

To control we pet monsters
Contemporary Satan
The everlasting threats
Always poised to engulf

Contain the myth
Unite the volk
To chant one hymn
The myth
The volk
The hymn

We shall spread the Orwellian disease
It shall be thrown from the towers
And given in hand
Opioid bibles, cancer ridden flags

Babylon – you force down the law
Babylon – it's shock and awe
Babylon – you force down the law
Track Name: Wonderland
Lights are dim
Walls are closing in
Love fails
Hope turns to dust

The thoughts police
Tied my free hands
My name is not Alice
And this is no wonderland
Track Name: Beast
I am not the romantic past
Smiling behind sweet smoke and mirrors
I am not the gentle weaving of memories
Of days better than this
I am not the blossoming glow
Warm with acceptance and love

I am modernity personified
Summer breeze tainted by ill will
I am the present altering the future
I am the present altering the past

I am not daylight spreading life
Breaking unto a rainbow
I am not the eyes of hope
Grinning above blossoming fields

I am modernity antagonised
Summer breeze tainted by a storm
I am the present altering the future
I am the present altering the past

איכה היתה לזונה, קריה נאמנה
מלאתי משפט, צדק ילין בה - ועתה מרצחים
כספך, היה לסיגים
סבאך, מהול במים

שריך סוררים
וחברי גנבים
כלו אהב שחד
ורדף שלמנים